Football loan insurance: Guaranteeing a professional sports risk without a premium.

Do you practice a risky sport, football and you want to guarantee a loan in progress? Check out our special file borrow with professional sports risk as a footballer.

Sport: Football

Sport: Football

Football is a team sport where two teams of eleven players compete on a field in order to score as many goals as possible in the other side. For this, the disputed spherical balloon must be sent to the zone called “goal”.

Find Loan Insurance with Football Support

Your banker can no longer impose his group insurance! Indeed, since the Cogilaw Company entered into force on 1 September 2010, the banks have an obligation to accept a credit insurance contract subscribed by the borrower outside his establishment (insurance delegation) if it has a level of guarantee at least equivalent to that of the group contract they propose. In favor of borrowers, this device allows them to compete between companies to opt for the cheapest offer and / or the most suitable for the footballer profile.

For a new loan, with guarantee linked to football sports risks

The same sports borrower can search, find and subscribe to external credit insurance at the bank. To play the competition, the broker specializing in sports risk management football will find the best insurance contract for borrowing. Tip: Contact sports associations for specific information before subscribing.

For a loan in progress, with guarantee related to sports risks football

Are you sure for your loan with the practice of football?

Check your current insurance contract to define the important points to modify, if there are points to improve you can easily negotiate the change of credit insurance with your bank, it is in your interest but also that of the bank beneficiary of this insurance.

Define football risks to guarantee:

Define football risks to guarantee:

  • Lesions, fractures,
  • muscular problem
  • Fall, fresh

Football expertise of insurance broker for loan

The sports borrower can subscribe to a tailor-made insurance, according to the risks of his football sports practice. Football must be covered correctly when you have a real estate loan with the insurance borrower tailored footballer by the broker Jay Bise with short deadlines.